UP TO 500

young animals in one auction


SIA CATTLE MARKET is a company with experience rich, goal oriented, powerful and energetic team, that is friendly to farmers as well as professional in international livestock trading. One of our main priority is animal welfare and health.

CATTLE MARKET trading place is the most modern animal collection centre of Latvia, that's how we are able to give flawless animal circulation in our company, giving the big-gest attention to animal health and welfare before, during and after auction. We are minimising animal stress, thus mi-nimising animal weight loss. Collection centres sewage sys-tem and manure collection place is state of the art, environ-ment friendly and in accordance with all EU legislations.


We are organising beef breed and crossbreed calves auc-tions as well as breeding material and slaughter animal trade. SIA CATTLE MARKET is managing animal trade in EU, Turkey, Middle East and Asian countries like Uzbeki-stan and Kazakistan. We are always trying to ensure highest prices for farmers, because our aim is to make our suppliers stronger with every successful deal.



We at SIA CATTLE MARKET are 100% friendly not only by word but also by auction. Thats why with us you:

  • Your animals receive maximal welfare under supervi-sion of qualified veterinarian;
  • Fast money settlement for sold animals;
  • SIA CATTLE MARKET is notifying you for sold animals in real time by SMS and e-mail, even before the auction is finished for other animals;
  • You can follow auction process in auction place, live video broadcast or browse video archive;
  • SIA CATTLE MARKET is organising auctions transpar-ent, clear and understandable for sellers, buyers and other interested parties;
  • SIA CATTLE MARKET priority always is farmers and their development.

SIA CATTLE MARKET is organising calve - bull and heifer auctions. All beef breed and beef breed crosses are admissible to auction up to 12 months of age.

Calves for auction are grouped by breed, live weight, age and quality. Calves are not sold before auction, if there is no agreement between farmer and CATTLE MARKET to do so.

Auctions are organised in a manner for all farmers to be able to follow the selling process of their animals. Start of auction is at 11:00 AM and auction place is open for buyer registration and livestock viewings from 9:00 AM.